Nomad Trunk:

The Nomad Trunk is an elegant and refined design object that mixes craftsmanship and different materials, such as parchment and black alligator, with classic colors, exalted by sophisticated oak interior. Past and future intertwining, so, in a product that abandons it retro essence to reborn as a modern complement.

Nomad Trunk: the leather decorative trunk by Bertoni 1949

Game Trunk:

The Game Trunk is a special collector's item in natural parchment trimmed with black alligator skin which naturally adapts to modern furnishings, giving them an unexpected vintage touch. The interior of oak wood houses games like chess pieces, dominoes, Mahjong and playing cards.

The Game Trunk, a leather trunk by Bertoni 1949, is a real collector’s item


The Bertoni 1949 trunk are precious furnishing accessories that at the same time they allow you to carry your personal belongings, to travel with class and elegance. They become a style symbols of luxurious life, for those who love to surround themselves with unique and sophisticated products.

Decorative leather trunks by Bertoni 1949